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Zheng Zhihua

Zheng Zhihua is a Taiwanese singer. When he was two, he contracted polio and became permanetly paralyzed from the waist down. He started his career in the late 80s and enjoyed great success and popularity during the early 1990s in both Taiwan and mainland China. He announced his retirement in January 1999, but in 2005 he reemerged.

Zheng's most famous songs are "seaman" and "Stars lamps". It was most pop songs in 1992-1994.

Zheng Zhinhua living in Beijing now.

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Zax Wang

Zax Wang is a member of Taiwanese boyband , which he joined in 2002. Pre-5566, he was a member of the now-defunct Taiwanese boyband Postman .

He has acted in various Taiwanese drama serials, in one of which the soundtrack featured him singing a song solo He has also hosted various Taiwanese variety shows. Over the many years he's been hosting, he has become a well-known TV programme host in Asia.

On Nov 19, 2006, his wife, Ji Qin gave birth to their first child, who is affectionately known as Lele . Though he and his wife are not legally married yet, they are still known by media as a lovely couple. On July 28, 2008, she gave birth to their second child, known as Yaya.

Television series



Z-Chen Chang more commonly known as Z-Chen, is a Malaysian singer that has successfully made his name in the Taiwanese music industry. To some of his fans, he is known as "The Little Prince of R&B" . Z-Chen originally signed with HIM International Music in 2002, but his contract was bought out in 2006. His cousin is Fish Leong, whom he lived with during their younger years.


* 2001: 名字
* 2002: May I Love You?
* 2003: 凌晨三點鐘
* 2003: Listen To Me
* 2004: 蒐藏張智成
* 2005: 快樂
* 2006: 愛情樹


*Height: 170cm
*Weight: 54kg
*Blood Type: O
*Birthday: 8 May
*Hobby: Singing, Swimming
*Favourite colour: Black, White, Blue


ZChen has released six albums to date, including

Xie He Xian

Xie He Xian is a Taiwanese singer and actor, best known as "a Chord".



a Chord was named Xie He Xian by his grandfather. His name ''He Xian'' means chords in English. He started to play the guitar from a very young age due to the influences of his grandfather whom he looks up to as a role model.

Not very good in his studies, he started song composing, following the steps of his grandfather.

By the year 2004, at the tender age of 16, a Chord has composed around 50-60 songs and clinched first place in a songwriting competition. Many people were amused by his funny self when he attended Guess Guess Guess during the competition period and were also amazed by his songwriting abilities. The prize was supposed to be a contract with record label, HIM International but Achord did not take up the offer of the contract and instead, went to play underground music with his band, SEA-LEVEL .


Achord made his first acting debut in KO One as Sha Yu/鲨鱼, following up with many other appearances in other Taiwanese dramas. He can be most remembered by many for acting as the character Da Shu/大树, who was a little eccentric and claimed that he could see spirits, in Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao Nu in the year 2006.


Achord has composed many songs for Taiwanese dramas such as KO One's 終極一班, where he helped to write the lyrics, Gou Ai from The X-Family , and recently, 你曾經讓我心動 Ni Cen Jing Rang Wo Xin Dong from They Kiss Again.

He have also helped Danson Tang 唐禹哲 wrote the song 只欠一句我愛你 in Danson's 1st debut album, Ai Wo / 愛我.

T.V Shows

*The X-Family as a Chord

*Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao Nu as Da Shu/大树

*The Graduate as A Guo

*KO One as Sha Yu/鲨鱼

*Hanazakarino Kimitachihe as Sima Shu/司馬樹


Gou Ai The X-Family

Wu La Ba Ha The X-Family

MTV Appearances

愛我 - Danson Tang 唐禹哲

晨间新闻- Tanya Chua 蔡健雅

安全感 - S.H.E

Vic Zhou

Vic Zhou is a Taiwanese actor, singer and commercial model from Taiwan. He is a member of the famous Taiwanese boy band JVKV, also known as F4, and has starred in many Taiwanese dramas. His stage name, 周渝民, literally means “a completely changed person”. It had a variation only in the middle character from his birth name, 周育民
| 2006 || || 深情密碼 || Qi Wei Yi
| 2007 || Sweet Relationship || 美味關係 || Fang Zhi Tian
| 2008 || Wish to see you again || 這裡發現愛 || Xu Le



{| class="wikitable"
! Year !!Album Title !!Chinese Title !! Songs
| 2002 || Meteor Rain || 流星雨 || ''Persistence For You''

''The Most Special Existence''
| 2002 || Make A Wish || ||
# ''Make A Wish''
# ''Love Loves You'' - 愛在愛妳
# ''Hotline For Help'' - 求救專線
# ''Broken Tears'' - 破碎的眼淚
# ''A Gentle Good Night'' - 溫柔的晚安
# ''With Me And You'' - 有我有你
# ''Loving You''
# ''It Aches My Heart'' - 心疼
# ''Even Fairy Tales Are Not Good Enough'' - 童話還不夠美好
# ''If It Were Not, For Loving You'' - 要不是愛上你
| 2003 || Fantasy 4ever || ||
''Lonely Winter'' - 一個人的冬季

''How Come It's You'' - 怎麽會是你
| 2003 || Love Storm Soundtrack || 抂愛龍捲風 戀曲 OST || ''I breathe you''
| 2004 || Remember, I Love You || 記得我愛你 ||
# ''Remember, I Love You'' - 記得我愛你
# ''Your Body Temperature'' - 你的體温
# ''Try To Love Me For A Day'' - 試著愛我一天
# ''Mama Said'' - 媽媽説
# ''How To Forget'' - 怎麽忘
# ''Guarantee Of Happiness'' - 幸福的保證
# ''Why Didn't You Come'' - 為何你不来
# ''Suddenly'' - 忽然
# ''Message Of Three Thousand Years'' - 三千年的留言
# ''I Breathe You'' - 我呼吸你
| 2004 || Mars Original Television Drama Sountrack || 戰神 ||''Let Me Love You'' - 讓我愛你 duet with Barbie Xu
| 2006 || Silence Original Television Drama Sountrack || 深情密碼 ||
''Familiar Gentleness'' - 熟悉的温柔

''Just For You''
|2007 || I'm not F4 || 我不是F4 ||

# 馬賽克 -ma sai ke
# 我不是F4 -wo bu shi f4
# 完美偶像 -wan mei ou xiang
# �br />

Product Endorsements

He also appeared as model for anti-smoking campaign and a department store, Parco, in Japan.

Release of photographic album

He also released a photographic album in October of 2002, entitled "''Travel Dream''" which contains his pictures shot during one of his trips to Hokkaidō, Japan.

His second photobook entitled 4Faces: Taipei & Tokyo was released in October 2006. It showcased ZaiZai's flexibility in front of the camera. There are 4 themes: Natural Face, Cool Face, Stylish Face and Fashionable Face. The first 2 themes were shot in Taipei while the last 2 themes were shot in Tokyo. This photobook is one of the bestsellers in HMV, a leading music and book store.

Vic Zhou's Quotes

*"The saddest thing in my life was when my parents divorced. They are also the people I want to say sorry to. When they broke up, I was 8 or 9 years old and stayed with my mother in Taiwan. My dad was living at Luo Dong and even had a new family. Despite the far distance, I will always find time to visit him to do my part as a son. Also, I have never thought about becoming a star or becoming famous. However, I cannot deny that I am popular. Yes, it is a happy matter, but I really hate it as it affected my family a lot. Reporters knocked and took photos at my dad’s house, scaring him and he dared not go out. I never expected my rise to fame to harm them…"

*"Without F4, I wouldn't be where I am today."

*"Even though we are doing our own stuff, it is so our strength is greater when we're united together."

No Name Yu

No Name Yu is a Taiwanese singer.

Ming Dao

Ming Dao was often approached by management agencies due to his good look before becoming an actor. He was initially a professional model starring for MVs, catwalks, and bridal photo shoot. His first project with SETTV was being a cultural TV program host , King of Adventure. Following this, Ming Dao's starred in his first idol drama titled Heaven's Wedding Gown <<天國的嫁衣>>, with Cindy Wang and Leon Jay Williams. The drama became the most popular Idol drama of the year 2004. In 2005, Ming Dao acted in the Taiwan 2nd Highest Rated Idol Drama in the history, The Prince Who Turns into a Frog <王子變青蛙>. This drama hits the rating of 8.13 and broke the all time record of Meteor Garden, and Ming Dao instantly become the most popular Taiwan idol drama actor. This is also the drama that catapulted his boy band 183 Club into fame. His charismatic gaze and charming smile captured the hearts of many girls in Taiwan and Mainland China. Soon his fans grew in number all across Asia. In the interview with Sina Web in 2006, the interviewer told Ming Dao that his fan in Mainland China alone amounted to 100, 000 people. His next Drama, Magician of Love <<愛情魔髮師>> also became the most popular Idol Drama in 2006. This stabilize his status as the Taiwan Idol Drama King. Ming Dao also became the first and only idol drama actor so far in Taiwanese history to ever starred in three consecutive Top Rated Idol Drama of the Year, so he was dubbed as the " Jewels of TV Rating" <<收视之宝>>.

Early life

Ming Dao was raised and born in Taiwan, his family was really poor. At the tender age of 12, Ming Dao helped his family to run a stall in Da Guan Qiao market selling dried fish and various kind of preserved seafood. Ming Dao grew up in a loving and close-knitted family, he often talked about his childhood with excitement and is never ashame of his unprivilledged background. Instead, he felt that it was an important learning process for him as a person and credited his warm personality from his humble background. It was reported that he used to suffer from infantile paralysis and his brother has to carry him around when he was young. In his Middle School, Ming Dao would come to the wet market everyday after school to help out with his family stall, when he bumped into his classmates and friends, Ming Dao never felt inferior. He would happily greet his classmate and coax them to purchase from his stall. This earned him the nick " Market Prince". In fact, Ming Dao never aspires to join the entertainment industry, he initially wanted to open a bike Shop. Unfortunately, his family fell into debt because of wrong investment, this became the driving factor for Ming Dao to host the King of Adventure and marked the start of becoming a celebrity. Ming Dao never look back since.



Ming Dao was first discovered in 1999 when he took part in a variety show hosted by Jacky Wu titled Guess Guess Guess, . The show invited Zhao Wei,Ruby Lin and Fan Bing Bing, who were the main actresses of Princess returning Pearl at that time. They were supposed to guess who is voted as the most Manly and Suave . 100 female students were supposed to vote for the five contestants and 40 voted for Ming Dao. Ruby Lin was the only one with the correct guess. This showed her foresight for many years later this young boy became one of the most famous Taiwanese Idol of all time. In the interview Ming Dao said that his friend who admired him a lot enrolled him for the contest, and he said that the reason he won is because of his young age which is much closer to the female voters. Such humbleness indeed come in handy when he join the showbiz later on.

After this show, Ming Dao was discovered by an unknown modeling agency. Later on, he modeled for various advertisement. Due to his good look and charismatic smile, Ming Dao became staple in many bridal photo shoot. Afterwards, he also appeared in several MVs:Fei Shiang's SHE, R&B's Love Bubble , and Zhou Bo Xiong's I am beside you .

In 2000, he participated in Super sunday, in a selection to choose for F4 members. However he was unsuccessful.

Early Work

King of Adventure

Ming Dao was featured in King of Adventure as a down-to-earth Taiwanese Student from a relatively poor background, whose parents were just a hawker and never set a foot outside Taiwan his entire life. Then, many people were skeptical of his ability to host this program due to the lack of experience and his then poor English language proficiency. This made him work harder than anyone else, in order to prove his ability. Ming Dao rely on his basic instinct and his interaction with his new surrounding to let the viewer discover the different culture and history of various cities that he visited.

The countries that he visited when hosting King of Adventure are India, Korea,Egypt, Germany, Namibia, New Zealand, Laos, Guam, Fiji, Alaska, Mexico, Oman, and Indonesia, Kalimantan.

Eventually after two years, Ming Dao's hard work was recognized when he won the 40th Taiwan Golden Bell Awards for the best host.

Heaven's wedding Gown

This is Ming Dao first acting experience, and he received a lot of praises considering that he is a beginner. A lot of people were impressed when he cried and emotionally break-down after the death of his beloved uncle who raised him.

Ming Dao acted as a bike racing champion, Chen Hai Nuo, who fell in love with the cute and innocent Tao Ai Ching and tried his best to protect and care for her. However, a touching and complex love triangle develops as Ai Ching love Zi Hao Leon Jay Williams. A detailed sypnosis of can be found .

This Drama is rated as the Champion Idol Drama in 2004.

Rise of the Dark Knight

Initially, the producers refused to cast Ming Dao as the lead role in The Prince Who Turns into a Frog as they felt that his skin was too dark and does not conform to the typical Chinese perception of Prince Charming. However, they decided to take a risk. Ming Dao managed to creep into the hearts of many viewers in his dual role as both the confident perfectionist Shan Jun Hao and innocently angelic Dang-Oh. When this drama was broadcasted all over Asia, Ming Dao become an instant celebrity with many ardent fans following him around. Indeed such a romantic fairy-tale comedy of a contemporary cinderella is always an all-time favorite.

His next drama Magician of Love in which he co-starred with his band mates Sam Wang and Jacky Zhu from the 183 Club is not only widely received but also send the whole Asia into a frenzic 183 fever. Their shows, concerts and albums became the top hit in Taiwan. Some talk show host even joked that whenever they visit the program, it would boost the rating instantly.

Entry into Mainland China